Monday, November 26, 2007

jia ying is numb.. Jia ying loves S.E.N.S..
i was pretty sad then.. many ppl consoled me..
thank you all for staying by me*hugs*
a guy friend of mine said.. 我好傻,所以很多人爱.. he's not worth it..
true love comes from within.. it's not one-sided,
if it is, then 那也不算是真正的幸福..
how i wish, no one would ever get hurt..
the deeper your love is, the harder you'll fall when things don't turn out right..
in life, if there's rly a healing potion, how great tt would be :)
now, i've thought through..
when you piece all the fragments in life, tt make you unique & special.
You are one special individual.. 我们都有自己该走的路..
所谓船到桥头自然直.. :) live life to the fullest and have no regrets

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

i'm recovering well i think.. :) ( if i say i'm doing very well, it's a lie) haha.
now, i'm trying to tie lose ends and move on..
i'm lost, really don't understand why everything suddenly turned out like tt..
*sigh* i'm sad but i'm getting more and more numb..
sometimes life makes me feel it's so sad..
haix.. delusioned me.. let me heal fast..

* KISSES * 2:34 AM

Friday, September 14, 2007

i'm happy! i'm very happy! shh.. secret!=p
Everything seems to be going smoothly.. haha.
so far so good^^ hahax~
today .. xiao hua xiao cao in my sch.. hm.. watched a bit.. fiona xie looks excatly like on screen.. very pretty.. And ben's hair was like.. =x lolx~
o yup! i'm in love with my western food! my recent favorite is the fish tomato pasta! yay!
i like studying in the sch library coz one table is separated from the other, hm..
how do u describe.. ah! its like those in national libraries. the wooden kind of table, which is sort of like a shelf.. yup!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

as we grow older, we all learn from experiences.
Things which i deemed not impt, in fact are very impt to me,
its just i didn't realise at that point of time..
no point looking back and sulk, rather i should look forward.
we should all make the best out of what we have and think positively
i personally experienced : dang ju ze mi pang guang ze qing ~
i realised, indeed, when you're involved in something, you do not view the picture
as a whole. Instead, i tend to think from my narrow pov.
Ever since then, i changed my mindset. After realising how silly i was all this while.
Well, experiences play a significant role in our life~
Anyway, haha.. enjoyed myself alot today=)
had dinner with my jc classmates.. luv it lots! ^^ it was fun!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

blog~ recently i had pretty wierd dreams bout eg. mayonese, liquid paper etc.. though i don't know why i dream of such stuffs.. i'm puzzled =x today~ think i woke up from the wrong side of bed.. was pretty moody in the morning f.. so i complained to my c and i felt alot better. And c's reply to my complain made me feel happy.. lolx~ prob coz i felt alot better.. =)
it's been really rainy the past wk~ but somehow i love the weather.. feels great

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Friday, August 24, 2007

gerladine's bday is coming up! 27/8 (mon) ! happy birthday my dear friend! =)

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i so like wanna burry myself somewhere and never be found again~ oh my goodness.. i can't imagine wat i blogged previously 0_0 i blogged wrongly.. so *sigh* so tiu lian! >___<
o was meant to be personal so when i type, i tend to be more frank and not serious kind.. just simply say what's on my mind without 2nd thoughts.. though i dun really mean it.. den i blog on e wrong blog =x i'm so dead~ i didn't know i blogged wrongly till 2 wks later.. when many ppl read my blog.. omg! >__<>__< o gosh.. i hope not many ppl read~
anyway~ sch's been okay so far.. my econs lecturer is so funny, he always incorporate relevent leng xiao hua to illustrate the concept in our lecture.. really like it lots.. hahax..=)
anyway.. my friend said i shou le.. muz eat more.. hm.. mayb a little? though i dun think so.. anyway..i eat 3-4 meals a day, n i dun mind gaining wt.. but somehow when u gain wt.. it always ends up at the wrong area=x lolx..

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